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A Dungeon

safe well-equipped secure for you.

Our BDSM dungeon provides a sanctuary where professional mistresses can exercise their dominance and clients can submit to their deepest fantasies. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of pleasure, pain, and complete surrender as you explore our meticulously designed facilities.

Playrooms: Our dungeon features multiple themed playrooms, each carefully designed to cater to different BDSM dynamics. From the intimidating "Chamber of Pain" to the seductive "Den of Desire.” Every room offers a unique ambiance for your chosen role-play scenarios.

Restraints and Furniture: Clients can experience the thrill of being bound and restrained with our selection of premium bondage equipment. From sturdy crosses to comfortable bondage beds and spanking benches, our dungeon ensures you have the perfect setting for your desired scene.

Tools and Toys: An extensive collection of BDSM tools and toys, including floggers, paddles, ropes, blindfolds, electro-stimulators, and more.

Hygiene and Safety: We prioritise cleanliness and maintain strict hygiene protocols throughout our dungeon. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after each use, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience.

Facilities Include:

  • Victorian Study
  • Sexy Secretary Office
  • Sissy Room
  • The Blue Room
  • The Grey Room
  • Medical Play Room
  • Green Domestic Room
  • Two Changing rooms
  • Swing room
  • Photography Studio
  • Kitchen
  • Shower room
  • 2 Mistress Changing Rooms
  • 3 Toilets

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