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Why We’re The Best Dungeon in the North West

Our team is dedicated to creating a safe, consensual, and respectful space for all who enter our doors. We prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of mistresses and customers, ensuring that their unique needs and desires are met with professionalism and authenticity. 

As such, we are actively seeking talented Mistresses, who’s bright and well established who possess a profound understanding of BDSM practices, a deep respect for boundaries, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled experience to their clients.

Joining our esteemed ranks, which offers an incredible opportunity for growth and exploration within the realm of professional domination. 

Whether you are an experienced Mistress looking for a new and stimulating environment or an aspiring Domme eager to showcase your skills, we provide the perfect platform for you to excel and establish yourself as a dominant force in the BDSM community.

As a member of our esteemed team, you will be supported by a dedicated and experienced staff who are passionate about ensuring your success. 

If you are a Mistress who embodies strength, creativity, and a deep understanding of the power dynamics inherent in BDSM, we invite you to apply to become part of our esteemed dungeon. 


Elite Manchester Dungeon is an established BDSM Dungeon, that has proudly provided reliable and discreet services to professional Mistresses.

From its humble beginnings, our dungeon rapidly gained a reputation for its commitment to discretion, reliability, and exceptional service. Word of mouth quickly spread, attracting both seasoned Mistresses and eager clientele who sought an authentic and immersive BDSM experience.

The success of our establishment can be attributed not only to our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients but also to our unwavering support for the professional Mistresses who grace our halls. 

Over time, our dungeon and domestic rooms for spanking have become an integral part of the BDSM community in Manchester and beyond.

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Your privacy and discretion is the utmost important factor in this process. Your personal information and identities will be kept confidential at all times.